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David Neil Kinkead

About Me:
I was Born in Dallas, Texas U.S. I currently live in the East Mountains of Albuquerque, New Mexico, and am married to Rebecca Clark. My job description outside of
musician/ performer/songwriter/producer is "household engineer" and "Slave to 4 Cats"
I have been playing music since grade school. My first "official " instrument training was on the Piano at age 9. I played the Coronet/Trumpet, and some drumming at age 12 in Intermediate school until I fell in love with the electric guitar at age 13 and have continued to play guitar as well as other stringed instruments ever since. I have played drums on and off from age 13 to the present, but never had any formal training on them, and haven't owned my own kit until 2010. I began songwriting when I began guitar, and have been doing that ever since as well. My first real gigging experience (Actually Being paid for performance), began in Houston, Texas at age 14, and my first experience with professional recording studios happened at age 17. I've played guitar in many cover and original bands since the beginning of my songwriting and guitar adventure.
I publicly,(music stores etc.) released my first original album in record stores in Houston, Texas in 1993 . (BLIND RHAPSODY-"TOUCH) . Although I had done a lot of recording prior to this (with radio airplay), "TOUCH was the first published album I had ever created and had a coproduction credit for. In the late 90's I attended audio recording classes at HMCC in Houston, and actually made a 4. 0 grade average in that. (First consistent good grades I have ever achieved in any school. Doing what you love has benefits!!!)
I moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico with Rebecca in 2000. Since we arrived I have played in various musical bands and projects, I have had three self produced songs on an independent Nashville compilation record, which led to a record deal for a single including a b side with the same label. I also taught guitar for a while as well. When I recovered my publishing rights I continued with a solo career as guitarist/singer/songwriter/producer and have 4 albums for sale on line (including the Nashville Single "YOU ARE HOME" and my latest self produced album "FOOLz PATH". I am also playing in an 80s cover band for therapeutic fun and entertainment).
My personal interests outside of music are;
Zen (Meditation and practice) as well as other spiritual based traditions, my wife- Rebecca, cooking and baking, film and movies, and of coarse my cats (they made me put that part in), Skyrim (Xbox game), and did I mention my cats?


Music production, Development, and Marketing.
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