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I am based in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

I am co-founder and co-community manager (with Meredith) of the Time Traders Club.


Born 1959 (Aquarian), I am British, now living with my US-born wife, Naomi, in Albuquerque, New Mexico. A musician in early life, I went back to university in my 30s and gained a First Class Honours Degree in Archaeology. Struggled to make a living at it ever since. I did work for a year & a half for an archaeology firm in Phoenix when I first moved out there in 2006, but the real estate crash of 2008 killed off new development & therefore the job. Fell into being an entrepreneur almost by accident, and have been pursuing it ever since. For fun I play bass in a 1980s cover band called Half Brit!

What excites me about this project is being able to help people create businesses that support them by helping them reach an audience online. My father was an artist, My mother and my son both authors, and I earned a living as a musician throughout my 20s. I understand the struggles creatives have in making an adequate living doing the thing they love to do. In our connected world as it is emerging we see an opportunity for creatives to find their audiences online and find success by collaborating with other's who have the skills and experience to help them navigate the inevitable trials and tribulations of solopreneurship.

What I can offer

My skills are based around podcasting – from the concept, to the equipment you need, hosting, as well as audio or video editing. Note: This is not high end video or audio production – it is how to get the best quality for the minimal amount of effort and cost.

What I am looking for

Meredith and I tend to get overwhelmed with everything that needs doing for Time Traders Club. What we really need help with is with the launch of our book and our crowdfunding campaigns – PR guidance, Social Media and Admin – maybe some graphic design.

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