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How To Market Like the Big Guys Even If you are a Small Fry: Experts Profit Formula

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Do you have “Inbox Jealousy”?

You know, when you read all the e-mails in your inbox from coaches selling BIG programs that promise big results? You know that you can’t invest in the program – but you wonder what “they” have and you don’t.  After all, you are smart, hardworking, an expert in your field. You’ve been doing EVERYTHING that you’ve been told – but you still are struggling to make the big paychecks you were promised. It seems like all the “big guys” are in some exclusive club – only you don’t know the password!

What if you could figure out “the secret” and start putting it to work in your business right away?

The secret is JVs and collaborating with others – and you don’t need to be one of the “cool kids” to take advantage of the power of working together. (Of course, since Time Traders Club is ALL about collaboration – we heartily endorse the message!).

It turns out the secret is NOT how cool you are – or the “luxury lifestyle” pictures you post on Facebook, but rather doing the work to make sure that you are selling the right product to the right people. If the first two are in place – then the next step is to partner with the right people to expand your reach.

In their workbook, Expert Profit Formula, Rich German and Milana Leshinsky give you a blueprint for creating a product that is attractive to potential partners. I have been a member of Rich and Milana’s JV Insiders circle for a year. In addition to providing a great database for matching member, they also provide heartfelt and generous training to members. They do not hold back – the point is not to get you to a certain point so you have to buy more. They want to help you succeed and get to the next step. The Expert Profit Formula (despite the hype-y name) is good solid information. Asking yourself the questions they pose in the group – will help tighten your offer and make you more attractive to potential partners – no matter where you are now in your business growth.

My 5 Biggest Take Aways From the Expert Profit Formula

You really don’t have to be a “cool kid” or mega marketing superstar take advantage of JV partnerships. It is easier for people with bigger lists to find opportunities – but everyone benefits from a good collaboration. It just takes more legwork if you are smaller.

Start with the problem your client thinks they have. You may know what it takes to “fix” your clients business – but if that is not the problem they are looking to solve – you won’t get clients. Many people who need online marketing advice – start looking for someone to do their website.

People want to work with specialists. This is key (and somewhat counter-intuitive). Even if you are super nerd tech girl – you don’t want to offer all of those services to potential clients. They get confused. Pick the one thing you do very well – and start with that.

Launch Fast. Don’t spend a lot of time perfecting your product. Put a sales page up, get interest and then get it developed. (If you want a step by step guide on how to do this – check out my Product Success Secrets class.)

Be Ready. Instead of spending time getting your content perfect – spend time making sure that you have all the pieces in place to help people spread the word. Expert Profit Formula lays out the steps in detail.

Did you know that only 1 in 8 coaching businesses succeed? If I look a all the people I’ve known and worked with over the past several years, there are only a tiny percentage that have been doing the same thing successfully for more than a few years. The ones that have succeeded have networks. I have noticed that groups tend to promote each other. In Expert Profit Formula, Rich and Milana show you the secret to finding your group.

There’s a seat open at the cool kids table for you… will you take it?

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