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Build a 7 Figure Business Without Advertising: The Content Machine

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Would you like to grow your business to seven figures and beyond without spending money on advertising?

I’ve been helping clients with their content for over 8 years.  If you gave my truth serum and asked be about blogging, I would say content marketing was good for building rapport with your community – but that you couldn’t count on it to build a real business.  I was pretty firmly in the “paid advertising” camp.  Facebook ads were my friend (except for when they weren’t…)

I *was* in the ad camp, until I read Dan Norris’ new book The Content Machine.  I have been blogging for years and years and not seeing much in the way of personal results.  A few comments here and there – but nothing on *my* site has ever gone viral. A few guest posts have done really well – but I never could quite get the formula right for myself.  It turns out I’ve been doing content marketing all wrong.

Dan’s book shows you step by step how to build and scale your content marketing so it works for your business over the long term.

Dan got me so excited about the possibilities that I decided to implement his strategy to grow the audience for the Time Traders Club.

I created an action guide for this project. Click here to view the google doc (no opt-in required).  To make a copy  of your own to modify:  click “File” then “Make a Copy”.

I used think of content marketing as the “strength training” of online marketing.  You know that you should do it.  But, results are a long time coming so it is easy to get distracted and lazy about creating great content for your audience.  I know I had become the 500 word blog post wonder.  I could crank out a mediocre post in about 30 minutes.  My blog had “content” my clients’ blogs had “content” but if I have to be honest – I wasn’t putting much effort into it because I really didn’t see the point other than checking off the “blog post” box on the marketing outreach plan.

Dan’s book inspired me to dig more deeply into content marketing and read some of the top blogs in this arena.  Blogs like Quick Sprout, Buffer and Copyblogger.  They have grown to 7 figure companies on the strength of the information they provide in their blogs.

Yes, I know some of you are thinking.  Why in the heck would I want to write super long blog posts and give away my secret signature process?   And, yes, these are companies that by and large are not selling consulting.  But, here’s the secret.  If you give away a lot for free – people will be wondering what amazing things they can get from you if they pay you.   As you produce better content, you will get more clicks and shares and more people are featuring YOU and your posts as “expert” posts.  You can’t buy the type of exposure good content will bring you.

The beauty of it: content marketing provides great exposure over time  – and it doesn’t have to cost you a dime.  Plus, unlike advertising that stops when you turn off the money spigot, content marketing builds over the long term.  The time you spent crafting posts for your audience – is an investment that will grow in value as your audience grows.

With content marketing, like with anything, success comes from putting more in than you take out. There is a lot of work involved in creating a content strategy that works – much less a strategy that will scale as your business grows (which it will if you are constantly giving to your community).  Dan’s book provides a roadmap that goes from making sure your business with worth creating content for all the way to how to hire a team to help you manage your content over time.

It is a great book for beginners who can save a lot of time and money by implementing the advice Dan gives early on in the book all the way to advanced marketers looking to take it up a notch.   I came up with a to do list of 20+ items for this blog as a result of reading Dan’s book.  I put them all together in an action plan for you.  Click here to go to my action plan document.  Then, I logged into the companion site with some amazingly helpful working documents to guide you through the process.  This is like having Dan as your private marketing coach for the tiniest sliver of the cost ($4 on Kindle – if you are an Unlimited subscriber, the book is free).   Dan also runs a very affordable mentoring community.  I joined after reading his 7 Day Start Up book.  In the week, I’ve been  member, I’ve gotten mentoring and advice worth way more than what I spent on the annual dues.

10 Most Powerful Content Machine Take-Aways:

1. Make Sure Your Business is Worth Promoting:  Content Marketing is a long term game. Many entrepreneurs will do everything right and still not see results because their business ideas are not profitable in the first place.  Make sure you will still be making money even if you aren’t directly working in your business.

2.  You Need To Be Different (But Not TOO Different) Your business should solve a problem that people are already paying good money to solve… and yet do it in the different way.  For example,  people already use taxis, Uber provides a less expensive and more convenient option.

3. Quality Matters  There are millions of people out there cranking out fluffy blog posts with titles like “5 ways to write a killer blog post”.  Stand out from the crowd by producing something that will be of immediate value to your readers.

4. Listen to Find Out What To Write About.  In the book, and in the attached worksheets, Dan lays out a system for getting dozens of blog post ideas from social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and You Tube.  He also shows you how to look for inspiration from Amazon and even local Meet Up groups.

5. Write more content for OTHER people when you are just starting out.  Dan suggests that you write 70% of your content for other people’s blogs to get you exposure.  Obviously, this means you should post other people’s content on YOUR blog.  In the book, Dan shows how to be interesting enough for people to WANT you to write for them.

6. Develop Systems Early.  Systems create consistency – and consistency is your friend. Dan shares actual working documents for coming up with ideas, creating a content calendar, creating quality posts and promoting your posts.   Post promotion is one area where I tend to fall a bit short.  For example, it would never occur to me to call out someone on Twitter that I included in a blog post.  Creating a post promotion plan is one of my first priorities.

7. Be Generous First.  Dan’s book comes with an amazing resource page  – there are actual working documents and Trello boards for you to download.  These are available without opt-in.

8. Make Sure There is a Path from Your Blog to Your Product. You want to target your blog to people who are in your community of ideal customers.  Dan’s blog is not about WordPress – but about how to do content marketing.  Many content marketers have WordPress blogs – so it’s a good fit.  Another example he gives is of a data backup company.  There is only so much traction you can get writing about data backup – instead the company talks to the community of highly mobile users (who need to access data anywhere) about travel for lifestyle business owners.

9. Have Goals. How do you know if your content is working?  Have monthly goals. It might not matter as much as you are getting rolling – but it will help you when you’ve gotten to the point where you’ve hired a team member to manage your content.  Dan’s goals have to do with number of posts created per week, increase in traffic, increase in opt-ins.

10. Scale. Dan makes it very clear that creating an effective content machine at a big enough scale to make a difference is a team sport.  He outlines how to manage guest writers, admins and content managers. (We hope you can find some of those people for your team in the Time Traders Club!)

Content marketing is not just all about writing keyword-laden posts to increase your traffic. It is about being generous and giving the best you have.  Quality content helps people to get to know, like and trust you. Dan has done an amazing job of creating an effective road map for you to follow.  He has even provided the tools for you to use to get there.  The question is.. will you use it?

At the end of the book, Dan says that only 5% of business owners take action – will you be one of them?  Check out The Content Machine and get started today!

We are going to be implementing Dan’s suggestions on this blog, as we build our membership in the Time Traders Club.  We’ll report back on how it is going.  If you want to join us – grab the book, check out our action plan and jump in!

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